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November 2008

November 5, 2008

Ok, no excuses... Too long before this update... To say lots going would be an under statement. I have had a couple trips to Barbaods in this time.. lots of exepriments, lots of shaping and lots of kiting, surfing and SUP'ing.. Busted my ear drum surfing in Barbados, so had a coupel months off while I had that operated on and repaired.. Good to go now!!!
Anyway here are some photos of what I have been up to!

long pond




Sup'ing long pond in March 2008 Barbados.









Cool water shot by Mark Harris..







dc shapingBeen shaping lots of Fishes...Short and Fat.

I have some new photos of finished surfboards on my SURF page


SUPs!!!! Can't shape them fast enough!!!










Been doing a lot of Stand up paddle boards as well with some good results. Sizes are coming down thankfully. They range between 9' and 10'6" . Averaging about 29-30 inches wide with different tails configuration. Some pins, large swallows. I have my own personal SUP board, a 9'6" fish tail quad/ single fin that I am just loving!

barbadosKyle Harris. Barbados.

Kevin Talma. Surfers point Barbados.

Here is a 9'6" Quad. Slightly stepped rails. 29 inches wide... Slightly pulled nose. Hopefully I will get some pictures of this in action soon!!!



Also did some surfboards as well.....



Zach Foster. Brandons Barbados.. RIding a 5'11" pin tail tri fin.. (yes, I still make tri fins.. : )..... )







Been also doing some prototypes for wake skates.....

dc wake skate



There has been a push on the kitescoop forum for a DC / kitescoop wake skate. (Link here) SO I have been doing some work on prototypes to come with the best design. I am in the final stages and hopefully in a few months these should be available.. Stand by for more info on this project. Here is sneak peek early on in the process...






My friend Paul went to Barbados and made a couple videos you might want to ck out. See Paul's vid here!







Been also shaping some short FUN boards shapes. Here is pic of one in action in the hood river....Ck out the forum for more stories and pictures. (HERE)






More photos from

BBBRRR!!!! Looks to cold for me!!! I am a wimp!!!




Back to some warm pictures..... Thanks to Crhis Welch in Barbados..


talma barbados

DC board Jason Stanley. Yep Twin Tips can still rip!


dc boardz

dc carving

Visit Chris's web site. He has some more great action photographs.

So, I think I coauhg up a bit.. Oh I forgot to mention also I have a skim board project going as well!!! Sorry no pictures yet...

dc running





SO, you see, I have been busy.... Here is the last photo for this post.. It is of me running to catch up with myself!!!

So thanks for your patience and I will post again soon.....



there is always more to come!


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