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(last updated December 3, 2006)

It is the beginning of December and things are still busy. Thanks for the good feedback on the new video. There s a lot of buzz about speed down winder boards.. Looks like long distance racing has gathered a lot of support and I have been working on some designs ranging from a sleek twin tip shapes to surfboard directional's tweaked for off the wind speed.... There have had a few organized races on the west coast of Florida and some more coming up this month on the East coast. I'll get more info and some pics here soon..

This week Jon Modica brought in what he calls he old 'piece of SH!T' board that he finds ides really nice strapless.. It was so thin and had so much concave it looks like a skim board that has warped in the sun looks like a pringle potato ship! never the less, we set out to make something that will replace this and turn it into a slashing machine... so I set out shaping something. lets say ...interesting! to say the least ...Anyway, I will post an update on how this board turns out....


Check out new video of Jon Modica playing with a 4play in well as some coverage of the shaping process..




October/November '06: I have been very busy in the shaping room with kite surfboards. I guess the surfboard fever is catching on as surfboards become more than just a light wind option but a vital tool for all riding....


Ck here! A customers blog about the above board being made.


Jon Checking out a composite surfboard

jon modica comosite board

On my destinations list of deliveries the month of september (not including my local Florida orders) includes the Virgin Islands, California, England, Scotland and The Netherlands.

Winter is coming and this means good winds for a lot of us. So good winds to you all!



Skateboard Graphics competition going on NOW!

We have a winner!!! here

Skateboards are coming soon...


carbon skateboard

Alex get's front page coverage on on his Carbon board.

The 4'Play surfboards



quad surfboards

Great discussion recently on kite forum about Surfboards.. Opinions from diffrrect shapers and riders...worth a read if you are think about getting a surfboard.

on the fly!

picture of the month: SEPT /06

brain talma and dereck

My Highlight of the summer '06 was meeting up with my long time friend Brain 'action man' Talma in Antigua. Brian continues to travel the world promoting Windsurfing and beach culture. "What's de action!"

there is always more to come!



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